Frequently Asked Questions about IV Therapy at Antidote Lounge

Do You Need an Appointment?

Appointments are encouraged but not necessary during business hours.  You can make an appointment by calling our office at 402.999.2329 or by requesting an appointment online.  We are available by appointment only on the weekends so we encourage you to call if you’re interested!

How Long Do IV Therapy Appointments Last?

Appointments typically run 30-45 minutes depending on the size of the infusion (500 vs 1000 cc) and whether or not the client called in advance.

What Does IV Therapy Feel Like?

There is often an initial sensation of a cool tingling running up your arm.  This is because your internal body temperature is greater than the room temperature, which the infusion fluids are at.  Most people find this sensation invigorating.

Does Antidote Lounge Make House Calls?

Not at this time; however, we are working on it!

Is IV Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Unfortunately, no.

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost at Antidote Lounge?

While our prices do vary, our starting price for any 500 cc infusion is $130, and any 1000 cc infusion is $150.  All boosters / add ons are $20.

Does IV Therapy Actually Work?

Yes, it actually works remarkable well!  Not only for what the infusions do for your body but also what they allow your body to do for itself.  Our infusions contain numerous precursors and coenzymes for many critical enzymatic and metabolic processes.  

“Many people think there is a specific shot or pill for every ailment and while that may be true when speaking about antibiotics or chemotherapy medications, it is often not the case with general illness.  Still to this day, often when people become sick enough to be admitted to a hospital, they will put them on bedrest, monitor their vitals, and administer fluids – allowing the patient to get better on their own.” – Dr. Gross, Owner of Antidote Lounge

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Yes!  Antidote Lounge is 100% staffed by medical professionals.  We use nothing but the highest quality pharmaceuticals and sterile IV kits.

What are Your Qualifications?

Dr. Gross is an MD with a fellowship in anti-aging and metabolic medicine. 

Sabrina Gross, RN, BSN has 10+ years of surgical nursing experience.

How Long do the Effects of IV Therapy Last?

Most people note the beneficial effects of their infusion before they’ve even left the building.  The effects typically last for 24-72 hours.

What is the Minimum Age for IV Therapy?


What Does Your Space Look Like?

Take a look!  It’s awesome.

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