What is IV Therapy?

IV Therapy is not a new treatment; however, in the past few years it has risen in popularity for those looking to get an extra boost when it comes to staying healthy. You may have heard of using an intravenous (IV) drip to tackle a hangover; however, there are a number of treatments packed with vitamins and nutrients that can help to recharge your body, fight stress, or help to ward off a cold or the flu (just to name a few)!

The reason IV Therapy is so powerful is that it delivers the products (hydration fluids, vitamins, etc) straight to your veins. It is an easy and effective way to get nutrients directly into the system without them having to be absorbed through the digestive system.

At Antidote Lounge, we begin each and every treatment with a consultation so we can learn how you’ve been feeling lately and what you have going on in your life. We then can create a custom bag to suit your specific needs. Some treatments may include vitamin c, B12, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants or other nutrients depending on the client’s preferences.

An IV Treatment at Antidote Lounge last approximately forty five minutes. Comfortable chairs and blankets are provided so you are both relaxed and comfortable during your treatment. There is no downtime associated with IV therapy so you can head straight back to your daily life immediately after the appointment.

The safety of our patients is our utmost priority. All treatments at Antidote Lounge are administered by either Dr. Gross or Sabrina Gross. Antidote Lounge is the only IV Hydration spa in Omaha that is overseen by a Medical Doctor.

Still have questions about IV Treatments?  Visit our FAQs page!

Ready to book your first appointment? Schedule your treatment now by booking online or calling our office at 402.999.2329.

Antidote Lounge is located just west of the Old Market in downtown Omaha. We offer IV Treatments Monday through Friday and are available by appointment on Saturday and Sunday. Antidote Lounge also offers IV delivery. Schedule your IV treatment and we’ll come to you!

Dr Daniel Gross attending to a patient receiving intravenous treatment.
Advanced Hydration - IV Therapy Treatment
A Patient Receiving IV Hydration Therapy

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What is IV Therapy?

What is IV Therapy? IV Therapy is not a new treatment; however, in the past few years it has risen in popularity for those looking

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